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Exterior Doors
We Offer many types of exterior doors in many styles and budget ranges. 
Interior Doors
Overhead Doors
Haas Builders Supply, Inc. Doors and Locks
Our sales associates are very knowledgeable in all of these products. Let us help! We can help with estimating, pricing, and ideas!

For more information, please call 715-569-5380 or contact us:
We Offer many types of Interior doors in many styles and budget ranges.
We offer the Hormann Gadco Line doors which give the unique combination of safety, economy, and selection. There are residential and commercial options available. 
Locks/ Hardware
We offer both knob and handle locks for front doors, bedroom doors, and passage doors in bright brass, antique brass, and satin nickel in stock. We can order in many other types of handles, finishes, and even keyless!
Roll Up Doors
Mouldings and Stair Parts
Strong, Smooth, Quiet-Rolled into one great line of doors! Strong and durable materials, smooth operation, customizable, with multiple applications. Let 
us talk to you about these doors!
Brings Value and Beauty to your home with depth and texture of different profiles and finishes. Mouldings provides a decorative touch while protecting your walls from bumps, furniture, etc.
"Never forget that on any day, you can step out the front door and your whole life can change forever." ~Author Unkown
Patio Doors
Allowing the outdoor feeling while remaining indoors! Many options and finishes to give your home a comfortable atmosphere with stunning views.