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Voted a Top Ten Green Building Product by Greenspec® of Environmental Building News in 2002, the Diamond Pier® has been at the forefront of low impact design and innovation for more than a decade. Using the Diamond Pier to support buildings - and eliminating excavation - dramatically reduces concrete use, saving fuel and precious topsoil, and preserving natural drainage. The Piers are also perfect for difficult access or remote building sites, where standard construction equipment or services are either too far away or too damaging to the landscape.
The foundations are simple to install, with little or no site grading. The perimeter can be skirted and sided as a vented crawl space, or an open post and beam style can be used. The system can also be integrated with slab on grade garage construction. 
Typically the larger Diamond Piers -DP-100E or DP-200E - are used for Building foundations, and with soils information from a local geotech, and loading requirements for the piers from the project architect or engineer of record, an engineer’s stamped pier capacity can be provided by Pin Foundations, Inc. for most states in the US. With this information, the piers can then be specified and spaced accordingly on project construction documents.
Haas Builders Supply, Inc. Thrulok Bolt and Diamond Pier
Video of Diamond Pier Installation 
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Diamond Pier
Thrulok Bolts
The ThruLOK system can be used for applications including multi-ply beams, deck posts, carrying beams and more. It combines the strength of a through-bolted connection with the speed of a LOK fastener with no predrilling required.
ThruLOKs replace traditional carriage and through-bolts in applications ranging from 4½”– 8 ½”. Its three-part assembly includes a screw, featuring the patent-pending Paddle Point™, engineered washer and LOK-Nut. Other features include:
Installs with an 18 volt cordless drill
No drill bits or wrenches required
Galvanized coating meets IRC ACQ corrosion requirement
Lifetime performance guarantee
ThruLOK is code-compliant when attaching decking handrail posts and carrying beams.
Video of Thrulok Bolts
Thrulok Bolt Technical Information
Carrying Beam
Rail to Rim